The Matrix: A Business & Technology Park

Every company has at least one critical need when it comes time to relocate an existing facility, or expand into new territory. Your operations may require interstate highway access and an industrial quality park road system. Or perhaps your facility requires high water and sewer capacity. Maybe you simply want to locate your business in a progressive community with a large, skilled workforce.

No matter what your critical need is, The Matrix has all of the bases covered: Ideal access, utilities, sites able to accommodate facilities of all shapes and sizes, available buildings, and a strategic location along the I-85 high-growth corridor between Charlotte and Atlanta.

The Matrix is the most recent addition to an area of Greenville County long known as a hub of industry. Just one mile from SC-TAC, some of the park's industrial neighbors include Michelin, Lockheed Corp., 3M, and Cytec Carbon Fibers.

Take a look through the site to find the answers to your questions regarding land availability, utilities and access. For information not covered here, or to visit The Matrix, please contact Greenville Area Development Corporation at 864.235.2008.